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Join us at one of our 2019 

Soul Restoration Retreats!

   Our Soul Restoration Retreats are all-inclusive experiences.  Toss your concerns out the window as you spend these days learning and journaling and gaining the powerful, life-changing tools of Soul Restoration.

      * January 24-27 in Henderson, NV

      * April 10-14 in Oceanside, CA

      * September 25-29 in Folly Beach, SC

    I would love to have you join me. Details may be found on my Facebook event page:

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What is Soul Restoration?

Soul Restoration is a method of helping each woman become reacquainted with her deepest self by remembering and reuniting with her inner “Truth-teller”. She will be helped to discern truth from lies that hold her back and make her feel like less than she is… to remember her dreams, her potential, her gifts and talents, all the possibilities and unique answers for her life (because it is different for everyone). This curriculum is intended to enable each woman to find and the keep the bravery she needs to stay joyfully true to her own path.

This class has been proven to be an effective and enjoyable process that helps every woman to really think about and hear her own soul again… to help her remember what brings her the most joy, to know of and remember all of the things she is good at and that make her heart sing…to get back on track and to unleash the courage and motivation to stay on track… to reunite with her soul.